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With over 70 years of combined experience, B.C. Time Recorders proudly offers a wide range of workforce management equipment, supplies and services.

Services that we offer

Workforce Management Solutions

Workforce management solutions are software platforms that help businesses efficiently manage their workforce by automating tasks like scheduling, time tracking, and payroll. These solutions improve productivity, reduce errors, and ensure compliance with labor laws, leading to a more streamlined and effective workforce. 

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Time Clock Supplies

Time clock supplies refer to various materials and accessories used in time tracking systems, such as punch cards, RFID cards, or biometric devices. These supplies are essential for accurately recording employee work hours and attendance, ensuring precise payroll calculations and compliance with labor regulations. 

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Break Timers

Break timers are handy tools used to remind employees to take regular breaks during their workday, promoting better health and productivity. These timers can be physical devices or software applications that can be set to notify employees at specific intervals when it’s time to take a break.

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SY-910 Facial Recognition Terminal

Say goodbye to traditional time clock supplies and embrace the future of attendance tracking with the SY-910. Its advanced facial recognition capabilities offer lightning-fast identification, allowing employees to clock in and out effortlessly, saving valuable time for your organization.

Simplex Consecutive

Simplex Consecutive offers hassle-free punch card technology, allowing employees to effortlessly record their entry and exit times. The robust time clock supplies, including high-quality punch cards, ensure precise data collection, guaranteeing error-free payroll processing.

Time Cards

With standardized formatting, our Time Cards are compatible with a wide range of time clock systems, making integration seamless and hassle-free. Say goodbye to the complexities of time tracking and embrace the simplicity and effectiveness of our Time Cards.


Built to last, our Timers are made from durable materials, ensuring they withstand everyday use and provide long-lasting performance. Portable and compact, you can take our Timers anywhere you go, making them the perfect companion for your busy lifestyle.

Bell Ringers

Edwards 24v Horn

Simple to install and operate, our Bell Ringers offer user-friendly controls, making it easy for administrators and staff to set up and manage the bell system. With a clear and audible sound, our bell ringers ensure that announcements and signals are heard throughout the premises, avoiding confusion and delays.

TA715 Data Collection Terminal

The TA715 Data Collection Terminal goes beyond attendance tracking, offering additional features such as access control and job costing. Its robust and durable construction ensures reliable performance in various work environments, making it the ideal choice for both office settings and industrial facilities.

The Health Care Company I work for has used BC Time Recorders face recognition time clock for the past 4 years. They have always provided excellent customer service. Rob is very knowledgeable about the products and provides quick feedback and solutions to any questions that arise.

Amanda N.

I had a very time sensitive issue and Rob returned my call immediately and was able to give me straightforward instructions to fix my issue. Thanks Rob, I appreciate the great service!

John C.

Rob was an amazing help to us, our time clock from the 80's had to to be reprogrammed and he was able to help me over the phone no questions asked in fixing the machine and formats. This was my first time calling and I would call again with no second thoughts. We look forward to working with Rob for a long time.

Karim S.

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