Genesis Pro



GENESIS PRO® is a comprehensive management tool that will help you gain greater control over workforce productivity and provide the accuracy needed in your business operations.

  • Automatically tracks employee time, wages and benefits
  • Eliminates paper time cards
  • Provides operational and productivity reports
  • Exports data to your payroll or accounting system
  • Supports an unlimited number of data collection terminals
  • Multiple, concurrent user capability
  • Calculates shift differentials
  • Automated time clock polling and report generation
  • Budgets department and job labor
  • Advanced employee browse scheduler
  • Breaks employee time down by division, department, job and step

Eliminate Payday Panic by knowing exactly where your workforce time and dollars are spent. GENESIS PRO applies your pay rules and enforces your schedules to control payments for missing punch overpayments. GENESIS PRO integrates to your payroll, finance or ERP system, making payroll faster, more reliable and accurate.

PC-Based time clock allows employees to perform all normal time clock functions at their PC. Multiple schedule adjuster allows you to view coverage for an entire department or job and view/edit schedules for single user selected groups.

System Requirements

Windows 98/2000/NT/ME/XP

Pentium III 500 or better

128 MB of RAM

500 MB of Available Hard Disk Space

Additional Features

  • Menu Driven: For ease of operation, GENESIS PRO allows each user to arrange information in an order that is convenient for them. Color-coded notations on the electronic timecard easily identify exceptions.
  • Strategic Reporting: There are over 100 reports available, which can be run by pay period or selected date range. Reports can be displayed on screen, printed, emailed, or sent to a data file.
  • Customization: GENESIS PRO offers administrators the ability to change the names of key fields within the menu and reporting system and allows users to define six system fields in the employee master record.
  • Imports/Exports: GENESIS PRO comes standard with an import/export feature that allows users to bring data into the system and export data out to a third party payroll system or other software packages.
  • Budgeting/Forecasting: Enter budgetary factors (hours and dollars) and GENESIS PRO will compare them to your scheduled and actual time. Know if you are over or under total job labor expenditures by forecasting future costs based on schedules you have inputted.
  • Employee Reviewer: GENESIS PRO allows you to give employees access to view their payroll and HR data without accessing the system or taking up a user license. Employees can review their time card, schedules and benefit balances.
  • Security: Each user has a unique User ID and password. Filters are included to allow supervisors to access only their respective employees.
  • Auto process: Allows users to set a specific date/time to poll the information from the data collection devices, as well as run reports and print or email them directly to supervisors.

Optional Modules
Bell Ringing, Benefit Accruals, Job Costing, Occurrence Ratings

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