ISGUS 2040


The accurate time keeper that saves you money.

PERFECT 2040 is an easy to use Calculating Time Recorder with a large display to provide simple programming.

The 2040 allows up to 104 IN/OUT punches per time card which means it can handle virtually any type of pay period. A 6-digit barcode makes each time card unique, eliminating time card duplication.

The data security is guaranteed by means of an integrated Lithium battery. Perfect 2040 can be delivered in desktop or wall mounted version.

Standard features of Perfect 2040

  • Large employee capacity
  • Calculated Regular Time
  • Print Late Arrivals in Red
  • Round IN/OUT Punches
  • Round Time Card Totals
  • After Midnight IN/OUT Punch
  • Eliminate Double Punches
  • Eliminate Duplicate Time Cards
  • Monitor forgotten punches
  • Print time card reports
  • Calculate 2 levels of Overtime
  • Deduct fixed and variable Break Times
  • Round Shift Start Times
  • Perpetual Time Change


  • Full operational battery backup
  • Master Clock Output Board
  • Slave Clock Input Board
  • External Relay Board for bell signals

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