Simplex Centennial


The Centennial Time Recorder is a fully electronic, fully automatic payroll/attendance recorder, which easily handles the needs of businesses with as many as 200 employees and up to 50 employees per shift. The Centennial is ideal for fixed-shift applications because its auto-positioning and rapid punching can speedily get a line of employees in or out. In addition, with easy-to-program exception printing, only cards with highlighted exceptions need to be calculated.

Rugged construciton and quartz-crystal accuracy assure reliable service in the most demanding environments. The built-in perpetual calendar eliminates resetting at the end of the month, and an optional 72-hour power reserve ensures uninterrupted service, even in the event of a power failure. Centennial owners can choose one of many standard Simiplex time cards, or have SimplexGrinnell print custom cards. Either way, the Centennial Time Recorder will give you consistently clear, legible and permanent payroll/attendance records.

Among the popular optional features of the Centennial is the Master Clock Interface. This feature permits Centennial’s timekeeping to be controlled by a Simplex Master Control System, ensuring time synchronization throughout your facility.